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National Teams and officials.

Welcome to Drammen

Welcome all nations with all players and team leaders. All referees and officials. All guests at the arena, and all readers on the web.

Teams and Referees will be presented here, as soon as they are nominated from Nations and FIB. 

Welcome to;
Ukraine. Finland. Russia. Sweden. Norway.
FIB Referees
FIB Officials
All Guests at the arena.

Finland. Updated  23.1.

2 new names to the roster.


Corrected names spelling, player and Coach.


Statistics later.

Good luck Finland.




Statistics later.

Good luck Russia.


Statistics later.


25.1.; 3 names OUT.
          1 new name IN.

Welcome Ukraine, and good luck.


One new players name.
#5 Mathias Farnes OUT.

#18 Emil Horgen Rasmussen IN.

Statistikk senere.

Velkommen, og lykke til Norge.


Välkomna Sverige, och lycka til.